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Monthly Archives: January 2023

How to Test Shock Absorbers

How to Test Shock Absorbers

Shocks ensure that your tires properly touch the road, so you can operate your vehicle safely and easily. The vehicle’s suspension is made up of many parts including shocks, coil springs, leaf springs, and more. The springs support your vehicle during acceleration and deceleration on both smooth and bumpy roads. When your shocks and suspension are no longer performing their role, it can lead to excessive acceleration, rear-end squatting, brake diving, and excessive wheel bounce. Due to the loss in traction, your car tires may wear unevenly. How to Put Your Shocks to the Test Shock absorber service is not an easy task – it requires specific tools and knowledge. However, you can do your part by performing a shock test to identify whether your vehicle's instability is due to worn suspension parts. You can identify whether you have good or bad shocks by taking your vehicle for a test run. First, you can accelerate hard and then brake abruptly. If the rear end of your c ... read more