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Why Does My Car Reek of Gasoline?

If you get a whiff of gas and you're not filling your car's tank or within proximity of a gas station, then it may be a sign of trouble. You may be wondering how or why it is happening. Today, we'll go over the common reasons why you may be smelling this fume.


Common Reasons for a Strong Gas Smell in Your Car

Loose Gas Cap 

Your gas cap must be adequately shut and in place whenever you fill it up. It also needs to be in working condition and free of cracks. Gas fumes can escape through your cap, and you will indeed be able to smell them. Some modern cars will notify you if your gas cap isn't closed all the way.

Gasoline Leaks 

Fuel leaks can stem from several places, including the injector, the fuel tank, the fuel line, or the fuel injection line. An obvious sign you have a gas leak is a dark puddle under your vehicle. If you notice puddles, then you should take your car to a repair shop ASAP.

Broken Canister 

Your canister accumulates charcoal, as well as excess fumes that leave the fuel tank. If the canister is damaged, then you're likely to experience a strong whiff of gas in your vehicle.

Incorrect Fuel Pressure 

One of the causes of gas smell is a bad pressure regulator. When your vehicle burns excess gasoline, it can cause gas fumes to sit within the exhaust. 

Older Vehicle

If you drive a very old vehicle, then you're likely to experience gas smells. Cars made in the '80s or earlier are more likely to release a gas smell right after turning off. The smell is considered normal in this case, and you shouldn't worry. If you notice the scent trailing after several hours of idling, there could be a significant issue.


Cars can produce a lot of smells. However, unless it's the famous new car smell, they usually aren't pleasant. If you've regarded that your car, truck, crossover, or SUV has smelled like gasoline, or any other unpleasant smell, visit Gordon Automotive today. Our team of experts will do an extensive inspection and consult with you on where the issue is coming from. Give us a call or visit today!