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Is Your Car Ready For Thanksgiving Travel?

Thousands of people pack up their vehicles and head to see family for stuffing, turkey, and football during the Thanksgiving holiday season. If you are one of those people traveling this busy holiday, please prepare yourself for the busy roads. Here are three simple steps you should do before your travels:

  1. Inspect Your Vehicle - One of the easiest things you can do for your and others' safety is by taking your vehicle to Gordon Automotive for a pre-trip inspection. We can take a look for any noticeable damages, ensure all your lights, tires, and safety features are operational, and more. Additionally, you should also top off your vehicle's fluids before hitting the road, including your oil, antifreeze, etc. Lastly, please remember to refresh your wiper blades, as the holiday season can bring on unexpected weather.
  2. Test Major Components - It can be challenging to check all your important components, especially if you're not familiar with where everything is. For instance, you'll need a reliable electrical system (starters, alternators, batteries) so you don't get stranded in an unfamiliar location. Our mechanics would be happy to assist you in checking out these major systems.
  3. Prep An Emergency Kit - It's better safe than sorry, which is why you should ALWAYS have emergency supplies on hand regardless of a road trip or not. Your emergency kit doesn't have to be elaborate, but it can simply hold the basics: flashlight, batteries, flares, jumper cables, water, blankets, snacks, a first aid kit, and a phone charger.

Thanksgiving is all about friends and family, so you shouldn't let anything get in your way of seeing them (not even a vehicle breakdown)! We invite you to Gordon Automotive for a pre-trip inspection today.