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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Car’s Warning Lights

In most cases, your car's warning lights indicate a fault, damage, or malfunction in the vehicle's interior systems. While some drivers might choose to ignore them, these tiny lights are associated with very specific commands and are therefore quite crucial. Ignoring these lights might lead to reduced vehicle performance and also compromises your safety, that of your passengers, and other road users.

While each of these warning lights serves a specific purpose, some may need urgent attention than others. Understanding what every light flushing on your dashboard means will save you from unnecessary breakdowns and costly repairs. Here are some of the warning signs every smart car owner and driver should not ignore.

Brake Fluid Warning Lights

They indicate a faulty braking system which raises serious safety concerns. This could be anything from worn-out brake pads, a broken sensor, leaking brake fluid or any other problem that might prevent you from using your brakes. Whatever the case, a failing brake system is not something you should leave to chance.

Low Tire Pressure

By the time this light appears on your dashboard, your vehicle's tire pressure is at least 25 percent below the manufacturer's recommended level. Low tire pressure increases the risk of tire bursting, which can lead to fatal road accidents. Besides, it makes it harder for you to handle your car on the road and brake efficiently and reduces your vehicle's fuel efficiency.

Low Battery

Your car's battery light illuminates every time you turn the start key. It might stay on for around six seconds, after which it automatically disappears. If the light stays on even when you are driving, it might be indicating a problem with the charging system. While car batteries typically last 4 to 5 years, this varies depending on the type of car, how much you use it, and the quality of the battery. Some batteries need to be replaced every 3 years or so.

Of course, not all dashboard lights signify the need for car repair and maintenance services. Even so, knowing what they mean will help you understand how your vehicle operates. Be sure to look through your car's owner manual to better comprehend the indicators.

If you need car repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!