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What are the Symptoms of Bad or Failing Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs play a crucial role in the running of your vehicle. They ignite the combustion chamber where the fuel and air mix and keep you moving. They are essential to a vehicle's ignition system and are definitely the unsung heroes. Like the motor fuel, air filters, and fuel filters, spark plugs need routine service and maintenance.

Here are some of the symptoms of bad or failing spark plugs:

Hard to start

If starting your car has become challenging, your sparks are likely worn out. When your spark plugs aren't producing a sustainable spark to start the combustion process, it becomes hard to start your car. It is a good idea to have a professional look at your vehicle at the first sign of problems when starting your vehicle.

Slow acceleration

The most common culprit of poor acceleration is the ignition system. Modern engines are wired to onboard computers that automatically send an electric pulse to fire the spark plug. In such engines, the problem may be the sensor. When the material responsible for igniting a spark on your spark plugs wears out, its effectiveness significantly reduces. This, in turn, affects the vehicle's acceleration.

Poor fuel economy

A properly functioning spark plug ensures fuel burns efficiently within the combustion cycle. This facilitates a better than average fuel economy consumption. If the plug isn't working correctly, it could be because the gap is too close or too far apart. An increase in fuel consumption can be attributed to worn-out spark plugs.

Engine surging or hesitating

Does your engine hesitate when accelerating? This implies the engine isn't responding correctly to the driver. Sometimes you may also notice the engine surging in power then slowing down. When the engine sucks in more air than it should during the combustion process, it will lead to a delay in the delivery of power. The surging and hesitation may be an indication of a spark plug problem.

Engine misfiring

Typically, an engine misfiring alludes to a problem in the ignition system. It may be caused by damage to the tip of the spark plug that connects to the wire or the spark plug wire. A misfiring engine can be identified by the sputtering or intermittent stumbling sounds from the engine. Over time, if this problem is ignored, engine power decreases, exhaust emissions increase, and fuel economy declines.

Actively ensuring that your spark plugs are serviced and maintained can extend the life of your engine. Get in touch with our auto repair shop today for spark plug replacement today!