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How to Test Shock Absorbers

Shocks ensure that your tires properly touch the road, so you can operate your vehicle safely and easily. The vehicle’s suspension is made up of many parts including shocks, coil springs, leaf springs, and more. The springs support your vehicle during acceleration and deceleration on both smooth and bumpy roads.

When your shocks and suspension are no longer performing their role, it can lead to excessive acceleration, rear-end squatting, brake diving, and excessive wheel bounce. Due to the loss in traction, your car tires may wear unevenly.

How to Put Your Shocks to the Test

Shock absorber service is not an easy task – it requires specific tools and knowledge. However, you can do your part by performing a shock test to identify whether your vehicle's instability is due to worn suspension parts.

You can identify whether you have good or bad shocks by taking your vehicle for a test run. First, you can accelerate hard and then brake abruptly. If the rear end of your car bounces excessively, it may indicate bad rear brakes. Whereas, a dipping front car is caused by faulty front suspension or shocks. On the road, if you find that your car bounces around a lot, has a hard time holding a turn, or is affected by crosswinds, you may need new shocks.

You can check the shock absorbers when your vehicle is still too. To perform the “bounce test”, choose one corner of your vehicle and push down on the car with your body weight. When you let go of the vehicle, examine what it does. Your vehicle should settle back to its at-rest position after one bounce. If the car bounces more than twice, you’re likely due for a shock replacement.

To be sure, please visit our auto repair shop for a thorough assessment of your vehicle’s suspension. We can also examine whether your vehicle’s tire treads have been impacted.

There are many different types of shock absorbers, including struts. We can help you find the best option for your car at Gordon Automotive. You should not risk changing your suspension on your own because special professional equipment is required to safely execute the job. Also, a wheel alignment check should be performed following any adjustments made to the suspension system.

If your car, SUV, or truck requires new shock absorbers, please visit the local experts at Gordon Automotive soon.