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Best Practices for At-Home Car Washes

With hot temperatures in Austin, you can cool off AND get a chore done by washing your car. Who doesn’t want a clean, sparkling car for the summer? Before you bring out the hose, buckets, and sponge, read on to learn about the best at-home car wash practices.

Car Washing Tips

  1. Have all the supplies you need - You're going to need a hose, sponges, at least one bucket (preferably two), and microfiber cloths. And be prepared to dress for the occasion. Wear clothes and shoes that you wouldn’t mind getting wet and dirty.
  2. Avoid using harsh cleaners - When people opt to wash their vehicle at home, they tend to grab what is available. A cleaning agent that people tend to grab is dish soap. However, we strongly advise against using dish soap as it could be too harsh for your car’s paint. It is better to invest in a car cleaner instead.
  3. Wash your car in the shade - While this may sound counter intuitive, you don’t want your car drying too fast. Otherwise, it could leave water marks.
  4. Wash in sections - When it comes to the washing process, it is good to work in sections. Experts recommend going in circular motions to get the most effective clean. And most importantly, we recommend using a clean and dirty bucket system. 
  5. Dry with care - A microfiber cloth is highly recommended as they are absorbent without being too rough on your vehicle’s paint. 


Cleaning your car regularly isn’t just rewarding in terms of a clean car, but it prevents rust and other damages as well. Let us know if these tips help with your summer car washes. 


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