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Monthly Archives: November 2022

When to Change Your Fuel Filter

When to Change Your Fuel Filter

Like other filters in your car, the fuel filter serves to keep dirt, debris, and other harmful particles out of your vehicle's critical systems. It allows your gas or fuel to pass through the pump and eventually injectors cleanly. Unfortunately, fuel filters will be dirty over time. As a result, you will allow the harmful contaminants to pass the filter and clog up the injectors and harm the fuel-burning process. To save you from frequent fill-ups and expensive repairs down the line here is how to be on the lookout for a dirty fuel filter. Trouble Driving at Lower Speeds Rough Idling - due to fuel flow restriction and inconsistent delivery of fuel. Stalling - the engine may cut off altogether if the blockage in the fuel system is severe enough. Problems Starting - if you can't get your engine to start, consider checking out the fuel filter. Most of the time, it is due to the inability ... read more