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Monthly Archives: November 2021

What To Do When Your Car Pulls To the Side

What To Do When Your Car Pulls To the Side

Are you struggling to keep your vehicle in between the marked lines? Your car is most likely pulling in one direction, which means something is terribly wrong. Not only is car pull disturbing, but it can also be very dangerous to a certain degree. Many things can cause your car to pull left or right: uneven tire pressure, wheel misalignment, or worn suspension parts. Here's how to troubleshoot the problem! STEP 1: FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE ISSUE  Does it pull left or right? And does the direction vary? Does it pull when you speed up, or particularly when you apply the brakes? Recognizing these little details can help you (and your technician) hone in the cause quicker. STEP 2: CHECK TIRE PRESSURE  Incorrect tire pressure is the most popular explanation for why your car can't drive straight. With over or under-inflated tires, your vehicle may feel wobbly and lean. This pull can happen right or left, depending on which tires are affected. Not only will you exper ... read more