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What Can I Get Pre-Purchase Inspections in Austin, TX?

What Can I Get Pre-Purchase Inspections in Austin, TX?

A pre-purchase inspection is a service that we offer at Gordon Automotive. It's a comprehensive inspection of a vehicle that takes place before a purchase of a motor vehicle used or new. The mechanic acts as an unbiased third party who will check off every single aspect of a car, inside and out, bumper-to-bumper.    A pre-purchase inspection is necessary to uncover the true conditions of a car. Here are the benefits of a pre-purchase inspection: It can uncover minor problems. It’s good to know what you’re getting into before buying a car, but it can be difficult without a mechanic’s expertise. Our technicians can take a deeper look at your car and outline if any repairs or services are needed in the future. It can open up the doors of negotiations. If there's an issue that the seller of the vehicle might have not known, the buyer can point it out and negotiate a better deal with the car.  It can save you time. At the end of the inspection ... read more