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Monthly Archives: February 2022

How Long Do Vehicle Batteries Last?

How Long Do Vehicle Batteries Last?

It's no secret that your car relies on a ton of moving parts to run at peak efficiency and performance. One of those essential components is the car battery. To ensure that your electrical components and accessories are in working order, including the engine, you need to make sure your battery can hold a proper charge. Like other parts, car batteries need maintenance too.   The Gordon Automotive service team wants to share our recommended battery change intervals for your vehicle so that you can rely on your car to get you from point a to point b. How Long Do Car Batteries Last? The industry rule of thumb states that car batteries last around three years, give or take. We say "give or take" because there are plenty of factors that can influence your vehicle battery's longevity: usage, environmental conditions, driving habits, maintenance, etc. Typically, given Austin's hot and long summers, your car battery may deteriorate faster due to the exposure t ... read more