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Monthly Archives: December 2021

The Causes of Car Overheating

The Causes of Car Overheating

Imagine you hop in the car with your family for a weekend getaway. After a few miles on the road, the engine starts smoking. What would you do?   Ensure that you maintain your engine properly and on schedule to avoid such inconveniences. However, if your engine overheats anyway (it can still happen despite maintaining your car), this article gives you some tips on what you can do (and not do!) during such a disaster.   What Causes Engines to Overheat? Multiple factors can cause your engine to overheat. In most cases, it would be due to something wrong within your car's cooling system; as a result, heat does not escape the engine compartment effectively.   Below are some reasons behind an engine overheating: Broken water pump A cooling system leak Clogged coolant hose Faulty radiator fan No matter the source of the problem, an overheating engine is not something you should ignore. The damage can be far more costly if unatte ... read more