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5 Signs You Need An Oil Change

Oil changes are a procedure that flushes the oil that is in your engine and replaces it with a fresh one. If this is not done regularly, the engine starts to have problems. Overheating is the worst thing that can happen because it can cause parts to weld together because of friction and temperature. If you want to avoid this and a lot more problems, you should know about a few signs that indicate you are due for an oil change. Here are five easy ways to determine when you need an oil change.

1. Overheating

Overheating occurs because of a lack of coolant or no lubrication of the parts. When oil ages, it breaks down and starts to behave differently. That's why it is important to change it regularly and keep an eye on it.

2. Oil Is Dirty

When inspecting the oil level with the dipstick, you can also see how it's doing. If its color has changed, this means that it has to change. In the worst case, if there are any metal flakes, the problem might be much more serious than expected. Consider visiting a mechanic for a proper evaluation.

3. Unfamiliar Noises

Noises are never a good sign when it comes to warning signs. If you are hearing any strange sounds from the engine bay, it's probably too late for a normal oil change. In other words, more serious procedures could be needed.

4. Check Engine Light

The check engine light is a great way to tell when your engine needs an oil change. Alongside that, there are warning messages that pop up on newer cars that inform the driver of a due oil change.

5. Loss Of Performance

Is accelerating taking longer than usual? If so, the problem might be as simple as needing a new batch of oil. Make sure to go to a repair shop for a proper examination and evaluation of the course - sometimes, the issue isn't related to the oil at all.

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