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5 Essential Car Maintenance Tips for Spring

Every car owner should know by now that every new season brings an entire list of vehicle challenges. With spring right around the corner, we thought we'd share these five crucial car care tips to keep their vehicle safe and run at peak performance:

Check and Monitor Tires

Many motorists remember to monitor their tire pressure in the winter but often forget to in the spring. As temperatures climb in Austin, your tires may expand and overinflate, making them susceptible to damage and premature wear. To prevent this from happening to your tires, take the time to modify your tire pressure and check your treads.

Change Motor Oil and Filter

With time and chemical changes brought on by the seasons, your oil filter becomes clogged, and motor oil becomes no longer effective. Therefore, it's never a bad idea to have an oil change before the springtime.

Test Battery

Your battery may have suffered a significant loss in power throughout the winter, which is why you should have it tested at the end of the season. While testing your battery, make sure to check for corrosion. A technician at our auto repair shop will gladly replace your car battery if needed.

Top Off Windshield Wiper Fluid

A clean windshield can go as far as preventing vehicle accidents. Please top off your windshield washer fluid to ensure your visibility is at 100% this spring. Also, replace your wiper blades if they are showing signs of wear. 

Get Your Car a Deep Clean

Lastly, springtime calls for cleaning. Set aside some time to freshen up your car by cleaning out any junk, vacuuming, lathering it up, and waxing it.


If you need help preparing your car, SUV, or truck for spring, we invite you to visit Gordon Automotive today!